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Welcome to my project showcase, where I highlight my latest and past works. I am thrilled to present my newest creation, "Rudy the Ruddy Duck," a charming and witty cartoon series written for television.


In the pilot episode, we meet Rudy, an addle-minded duck who prefers napping in a kiddie pool to preparing for his winter migration with his loving but exasperated wife, Rosie. Their playful bickering catches the attention of an aggressive Blackhawk, and Rudy must muster all his wit and resourcefulness to protect his wife and outsmart their predator.


In the second episode, Rudy and Rosie finally set off on their journey, but an oversight causes them to land at a Wisconsin zoo ostrich pen enclosure, where they must face a cantankerous ostrich and unexpected obstacles. With Rudy's quick thinking and determination, they must find their way back on track and continue their migration.


My portfolio also includes several short films and documentaries exploring abandoned and eerie places, such as a penitentiary and tuberculosis hospital.


I am constantly imagining and creating, so please check back often for more exciting projects or connect with me on Stage32 to stay in touch.


Children's Cartoons


Adventurous, Adle-Brained, Qwacky

In this delightful cartoon pilot, two lovable ducks live their best lives on the water. Rudy, the carefree husband, spends his days lounging in a kiddie pool without a care in the world, while his devoted wife Rosie tirelessly prepares for their annual migration south. But when Rudy's playful shenanigans attract the attention of the menacing Buster Blackhawk, their carefree existence is threatened. Can they summon the wits and ingenuity to outsmart their feathered foe and escape unscathed? Join Rudy and Rosie on this charming and hilarious adventure that's sure to delight viewers of all ages.


Migration Mayhem

Rudy, the self-proclaimed migration expert, takes flight with his wife Rosie for their journey south to Florida. However, a wrong turn leads them to a Wisconsin zoo, where they encounter "Super Stretch," a cranky ostrich who takes offense to their unexpected visit. With Super Stretch in hot pursuit, Rudy and Rosie must outsmart him and get back on course before winter sets in. Can they overcome this unexpected obstacle and reach their destination in time? Find out in "Rudy the Ruddy Duck: Migration Mayhem."

Comedy and Documentary


Devious, Audacious

In this uproarious western-style comedy short, two overconfident brothers with no prospects decide to turn to a life of crime and pull off the biggest bank heist ever attempted, outdoing even Jesse James. But as soon as they set their plan in motion, things begin to unravel, leading to a series of mishaps and mayhem that leave them humiliated, embarrassed, and defeated.


A Missouri Prison Documentary 168 in the Making

This riveting short documentary delves into the history of one of America's most notorious penitentiaries, constructed in 1836 with inmate labor. Known to have housed infamous inmates such as Pretty Boy Floyd, it stood for over 100 years before the rise of Alcatraz. Despite its closure in 2004, rumors persist that the prison still houses the spirits of those long departed. Join us on a haunting journey through the dark and storied past of this brutal institution.


A Tuberculosis Hospital & Permanent Spirit Residence

Prepare to be immersed in the haunting history of Waverly Hills Sanatorium, an iconic early 20th century Todor Gothic-style architecture building located in Louisville, KY. For over 50 years, the sanatorium served as a place of healing for those suffering from tuberculosis, but countless patients and staff met their untimely demise within its walls. Today, it is known as one of the most haunted locations in America, with paranormal activity abound. Join us on a journey to uncover the chilling secrets that lurk within Waverly Hills Sanatorium.

Writing for Games













Embark on a journey to Eldon Village, nestled on the mysterious continent of Eshane on the planet Milia. A place where corruption and disease run deep, the village is protected by a castle with a single entry gate guarded by the infamous King Liao Cynan. The king's word is law, and his decisions are final, with no appeals. Enter the castle, and you'll find an underground cavern system guarded 24/7, holding the king's riches, alchemy labs, and a crypt.

Outside the village walls, the landscape is treacherous, with inverted mountains, toxic lava, and killer carnivorous plants that can grab people and animals alike. Life here is challenging and requires self-sufficiency, with occasional postings for a hero to save the town from disease and the king's tyranny. Join the locals in the town's tavern to drink, fight, or even mingle, but beware of thieves and dangerous animals. With a temperature of 68 degrees and a host of mysteries to uncover, Eldon Village is a place you won't soon forget.

Past work and storieS


"Art Cars" in Goldfield, Nevada

Discover the fascinating history of Goldfield, a once-thriving gold mining boom town in Nevada from 1903 to 1910. However, in 1923, disaster struck when a moonshine still exploded, wiping out everything that could burn and leaving little behind. Despite this, the town still stands today, and its modern-day inhabitants have found a unique way to express their creativity - through "car art." Explore the streets of Goldfield and witness the stunning works of art that adorn the town's abandoned vehicles.


Welcome to the Pancake Range

Explore the remote and otherworldly landscape of Lunar Crater, nestled in the rugged Pancake Range of Nevada. This unique site, a volcanic "maar" rather than an impact crater, has served as a training ground for astronauts and Mars Rover. Far from civilization, this isolated and haunting location offers a glimpse into the mysteries of our universe, and I was fortunate to have found my way here and experienced its eerie beauty firsthand.


Powerful Storms Passing Through

Explore the awe-inspiring power of nature with this captivating video captured in 2017 after a thunderstorm. As the legendary inventor, Nicola Tesla once said, "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration." Witness the incredible display of energy, frequency, and vibration as bolts of lightning illuminate the sky and the resounding booms of thunder rumble in the background. Experience the raw power of nature in this mesmerizing video.


The Annual Christmas Torchlight Parade of 2019

Get ready to experience the magic of the annual Christmas Torchlight Parade like never before! Watch as skiers and snowcats light up the snowy slopes, weaving down the mountain in a dazzling display of color and movement. With spectacular fireworks lighting up the night sky above, this unforgettable event was captured in stunning time-lapse footage, capturing every breathtaking moment of this cold and snowy evening. Don't miss out on this unforgettable celebration of the holiday season!


Spectral, Chilling, Captivating

Step into the mysterious past of The Roads Hotel, a historic establishment that has served as more than just a resting place for travelers. From a brothel to a speakeasy, notorious figures such as Jesse James and Al Capone have been rumored to visit. But even after all these years, it seems that some of the hotel's past patrons may still be lingering around. Join me on an overnight investigation as I seek to uncover the secrets of this enigmatic location.


A WWII Superfund Site

Discover the fascinating history of Weldon Spring, Missouri, once the largest producer of TNT and DNT during WWII and a critical player in the creation of "the bomb." Today, this site stands as a testament to the incredible effort it took to clean up the immense toxicity left behind by the war effort. Join us as we delve into the secrets of Weldon Spring and uncover the hidden legacy that still lingers today.


Summer of 2017

Experience the magic of a wedding reception like never before with this spectacular display of fireworks. From up close and personal, witness the stunning bursts of color and light as they light up the sky in a dazzling array of shapes and sizes. This is an unforgettable celebration that you won't want to miss. Join us for a night of love, laughter, and fireworks!


Pool 26

Come along with me on a tranquil journey down the Upper Mississippi River's "Pool 26," nestled near the charming town of Alton, Illinois, as we witness a breathtaking sunset in 2014. Experience the thrill of exploring the winding waterways, admiring the stunning cliffs, and indulging in delicious waterfront dining. Join me on this serene and delightful adventure that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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